About M@tchm@kers

Bart and Floortje from Matchmakers Holland

M@tchm@kers started with the conviction that things should be done differently in the recruitment business. Digital what is possible bus mainly personal and back to basic; recruiting and selecting candidates for their ideal job. In short; your job, our mission! 

M@tchm@kers was founded on January 22, 2020 and was operational on March 9, 2021 with its first office in Eindhoven.

A press conference was announced on Tuesday 10 March and on Monday 16 March the Netherlands went into (first) lockdown due to the Covid19 Pandemic. Exactly 5 working days operational and the world was locked. Doing business in times of crisis leads to even more thinking outside the box and looking for new opportunities. M@tchm@kers International was founded in summer 2022.

Employees are the capital

M@tchm@kers is convinced that employees are the capital of every organization. Without the right people in the right place, no organization can function, and for sure not become successful.

Because of this conviction, we invest optimally in our relationships with candidates and employees. We are always one step ahead of our competitors. We are also available outside office hours, we look at the person behind the resume and our procedures are quick while candidates and customers are constantly kept informed.

M@tchm@kers keeps it simple and clear. In the current time, many things are made more complicated than they are, including in the recruitment business. Of course we follow the regulations. Legislation and regulations are more complex than 20 years ago and much has been digitized, but the rest has never changed; a company is looking for a candidate and/or a candidate is looking for a job; the match. This is and remains our core business and everything at M@tchm@kers is focused on this core business. We do it as quickly, simply and qualitatively as possible.