Cleanroom assembly

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Job description for cleanroom assembly

Assembly of products in a sterile clean room.
A clean room is a room in which the concentration of suspended particles is controlled and is designed to minimise particle retention in order to maintain the products in perfect condition.
Your new employer is a market leader in industrial packaging. This could be anything. Think small, dedicated boxes within large boxes containing various mechanisms. Valuable items are packed and transported in them. A total of 900 employees work for this employer and still growing. This is spread over several locations in the Eindhoven area.
We are looking for a Sterile Room Assembler for this location. A total of 30 employees work at this location.
As a Cleanroom Assembly Worker you will have your own work area within the sterile room. A clean room is an area that is free of dust. You enter the room with instructions and special work clothes so that the room remains dust free. Once inside, you have your own work table with all the necessary tools. These are mainly hand tools. You will assemble the product based on a work instruction/technical drawing. The end customer has high demands, so it is important that this is specific and focused.


  • You are responsible for maintaining a clean space and work area.
  • You know how to read the work instructions.
  • You are responsible for assembling an unfinished product or finished product.

You are a match if


  • Experience in a similar working environment.

  • Experience with hand tools such as: drill, hammer, etc.
  • Be able to work based on a work instruction.
  • Have technical insight.
  • Work with accuracy and concentration.
  • Good communication and cooperation with your colleagues.
  • Possession of a valid B driving licence.
  • Have a good command of English language (Reading and speaking).
  • Have a Greek identity card or European passport (Greek identity card must have been issued within the last 5 years and must be free of any deterioration)

What we offer

Salary gross €13.50 per hour, with additional charge.

Overtime pay
Work from Monday to Friday
Shift work (morning – evening)
25 free (paid) holidays per year (when working full-time)

We provide you with a home as close to work as possible. We offer a private room in a house together with your colleagues. The cost for the rent is around €200 per week and includes water, electricity, natural gas and internet.

  • We take care of the transportation by finding a car for you (either personal or shared with roommates).
  • Covered travel costs to and from work (fuel card).
  • We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your new home.
  • We will get you your Dutch healthcare insurance and tax number
  • The respective employment contract, signed one day before your departure for the Netherlands (it is in English).

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  • Company parties
  • Professional development budget
  • Christmas package
  • Lunch discount
  • Employee discount
  • Product discount for employees

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