Matchmakers Holland for your Job in Holland and Belgium

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We Match your ambition
with a Job in Holland or Belgium

M@tchm@kers is a franchise working agency based in the Netherlands from which our department is focused on the international scale, starting with Greece.

We are different form others! We are real matchers. We are clear, reliable and surprising.
And with more than 40 years of experience in recruitment profession, we create the perfect match! for Clients in the Dutch and Belgium market.

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At M@tchm@kers we are convinced that every person is unique. That’s why we look for you! We look further then only your work experience and your resume. We want to know what you think is important and what makes you happy. So we can create a perfect match between you and our jobs!

So are you looking for a (different) job in the Netherlands or Belgium? Contact us and let us help you!

Our clients in the Dutch market are searching for employees from every background and nationality including Greeks. Our vision is to provide Greeks the opportunity to work in the Netherlands, following all working regulations of Dutch law. We assist our candidates with the immigration process providing all necessary information that is needed, such as documents, healthcare insurance and other. M@tchm@kers also provides housing for those who need.

About M@tchm@kers

No matter how much the world is digitizing, recruitment is and will always be a people’s job. At our previous employers we have already helped thousands of people find a job and hundreds of clients find the ideal candidate. In many different industries and different functions. Recruitment is our passion, our profession and you will experience that while working with us!

Our processes are fully digitized and equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets. Of course this helps us in finding the right candidates. But we don’t only want to find our candidates. We want to help and guide our candidates setting up a new life in The Netherlands.

M@tchm@kers corporate values

Clarity; what you see it what you get. We are honest and clear. We always work for the perfect match, but if this is not possible, we will also be honest about this.

Trustable; a deal is a deal. We do what we say and we say what we do.

Surprising; we don’t think in problems, but in solutions. We like to think and work outside the box.

We would be happy to schedule an interview with you. The first interview is digital. This is possible during office hours but also outside office hours. Just what suits you best! We are flexible at Matchmakers.

Positive mindset?

Are you a person willing to work hard with a positive mindset? Do you have a European passport? Is your English good enough to communicate with? If all of the above is a yes, then we may have a match!