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Finding a house in Netherlands, is one of the most challenging things in our country. Finding an affordable house, can be mission impossible. However in Matchmakers is our mission to find you the best accommodation.

We love challenge and that’s why we find you a home. Everything is completely furnished, including gas, water, electricity and internet.

Depending on where you are going to work in Netherlands, we offer you a home.

Usually these apartments or houses are close to a city. We always try to find something closer as possible to your work. But as we said it can be hard. Again, don’t worry, we provide you a car.

It is possible you share a house or an apartment with 1 or 2 colleagues. Of course you will always have your own bedroom.

A picture is worth a thousand words, check out our current houses.

Getting ready for the big move?''

Matchmakers offers all the services you need to build a successful professional career in Netherlands. With a large number of job offers, we will help you find the best fit for you.


No matter how much the world digitises, recruitment is and remains people work. Our personal approach and attention for client and candidate is our distinguishing feature. We believe in the perfect match, not just based on training and work experience, but also on personality. We are convinced that every person is unique.During our careers, we have helped thousands of people find a job and hundreds of clients find the ideal candidates, in various sectors and for different positions. Recruitment is our passion, our profession, and we radiate it. With our broad network and entrepreneurship we create surprising and perfect matches.

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