Industrial cleaner

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Job description for industrial cleaner

Your responsibilities include operating temporary equipment to drain, fill, heat up, circulate, clean and dry installations. Especially cleaning with high pressure is something that recurs daily! A second production line is then constructed allowing production to continue while the main line will be cleaned. Our work is carried out according to a plan drawn up in advance by the work preparation department, which includes work instructions that you carefully follow to ensure a safe and good end result.

  • Technical insight is very important in this position;
  • You already have several years of experience in the technical industry. This could be as an operator, mechanic, industrial cleaner, etc;
  • Experience in the petrochemical industry is a plus but not required;
  • Your work motivation, the willing to work with your hands and work together with your collegues is the best motivation!
  • In possession of a valid drivers license B;
  • You are willing to work evenings and weekends, of course you will receive extra allowance for this;
  • You don’t mind being away from home for a few days or weeks every now and then. The company will then pay for your stay somewhere else in the Netherlands.

Working conditions as a industrial cleaner

  • You can count on a varied job with plenty of room for your own input and ideas;
  • You work the whole day with many collegues, you are never alone!
  • You will receive work clothing here. Think of safety shoes, safety glasses, a helmet, T-shirts with short and long sleeves, etc. This is for the safety of all colleagues and so you and your colleagues are one team!
  • You are trained by your colleagues because it is a very specific industry in which we work. And through M@tchm@kers you will obtain certificates such as your VCA, where you will learn everything about safety.
  • Salary indication for this position starts at €2,500. This is the salary for a full-time working week without benefits. During the conversation we will tell you more about allowances and overtime.

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This company specializes in the empty, clean and gas-free delivery of process installations, in the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as refining, petrochemicals, biochemicals, fossil, and bio-energy plants. By means of foam pigging, dry ice blasting, ultrasonic cleaning et cetera. Working safely is a top priority at this company. With our closed techniques, we offer a safer and more efficient alternative to conventional methods. Issues are developed by multidisciplinary teams into a plan wherever possible from the following two basic principles:

  • non-entry
  • cleaning without loss of containment

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